There’s no escaping it. No matter how much you love your clients. No matter how accurate of a timekeeper you are.
Charging by the hour discourages clients from doing the one thing most important to their success online. Updates.

Because we all know that if you’re not building a website’s content, you’re losing ground. That’s why web people always encourage clients to write a blog. And we all know that client blogs fail. They always do. Because clients never have the time, and often lack the skills required for the job.

And yet they rarely are willing to to pay you a decent hourly fee to write for them. Hourly fees are the biggest source of website neglect because the more the client does the more it costs them. So they prioritize, because that’s what business people always do with spending decisions.

So begins the cycle of neglect. Every 3 to 5 years, the client will redesign the website just to whitewash over the neglect. Or worse, blame you for underwhelming results and leave you for a competitor.

It doesn’t have to be this way. It’s time to abandon the old ways of thinking. It’s time to redefine the small business website from a sunk cost, to a strategic investment that pays dividends. It’s time to structure your services and fees in ways that benefit the client and you.

Here at SIG, we’ve conquered the conflict of interest problems of the professional services model by re-imagining the relationship and the go to market strategy. Doing things in ways that drive results for the client and profits for the web shop. That’s our specialty.

Agencies and business service providers are invited to contact us for all the details regarding our best practice model for website, online advertising and social media services.